does freezing kill salmonella in ground chicken meat?


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Always err on the long side. Yep, the long side, cook it really powerfully to annihilate the microbes.

no, cooking it properly does.


NO! Nothing kill salmonella.

No freezing won't slay the salmonella. Always cook all right.
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Absolutely NOT, freezing preserves microbes and does NOT shoot it!

It may slow down the the microbes, but it probably won't assassinate it. Just cook it hot plenty (like 180 Degrees F) and the salmonella should be gone.

No, it may preserve it!

I don't give attention to so. You own to cook it thoroughly to properly wipe out salmonella and E. Coli.

No, solitary make it progress dormant, it will come final to natural life when thaw again


No. Salmonela is from not cooking it properly

I don't assume so.I judge you would enjoy to cook it at a warmth over 175F

Freezing is not a method of slaughter microbes, but refrigeration and freezing DO downsize, slow or stop the growth of microbes - such as salmonella & e-coli.

Bacteria grows best surrounded by temperature between 40 and 140 F(farenheit). This is why we use refrigerators which are below 40 degree. This is why when cooking you should other cook foods to a minimum of 140 degree.

Items such as chicken are recommended to be heated to 160 degree to be without risk cooked.

If you are reheating something that have already be cooked once, it should be heated to 170 degree.

Also, please memo that salmonella and other germs is not fixed to of late chicken and meat. It can also be found on fruit and vegetables as ably. It is for this grounds that you should other bathe adjectives fruits & vegetables back drinking and also until that time adjectives.

Also, please be aware that several microbes are on our hand and can be transferred to food. This is why it is other key to dust your hand frequently. Avoid cross contamination of products by wash utensils, plates, etc., after they've touched untouched product and until that time touching organized to devour product.

I've read & hear that close to 80% of adjectives foodborne illnesses transpire within the home due to unsafe food handling practices. Practice not detrimental food handling.
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