How does one shire an egg?

If it's shirred eggs that you mean, they are baked eggs, and can be done various different ways. They are usually baked in custard cups, but I hold done them in stoneware au gratin dishes, resting on hash browns and peppers. Break eggs into a buttered dish, (on top of onions, pepper, shrooms, etc if you fancy), bake at 325 for something like 12-18 minutes, until whites are set, and yolks are the desired doneness. If you would like cheese on top, tag on the last few minutes of cooking time.
with a machete, logically.
I assume you are referring to "shirred" eggs. They are baked.

Here's how:

sprinkle considerably with worcesteshire sauce!Baked (Shirred) Eggs
What is Shire?

That isn't a word I'm familiar near.
Do you mean Shine?

If you be determined shine, you would first have to pointless the egg.
put two very small holes surrounded by opposite ends of the egg, later
gently blow into one back, the egg yolk and whites will come out the hole at the other end.
Rinse the egg rotten and let it dry.
Then particularly Spray the Egg with polyurathaine.
Then Let it dry.
Shirred Eggs:
Preheat oven 350 degrees F.

Get custard cups, or muffin container.
Grease with butter, shortening, cooking spray, etc. unless you purloin bacon, cut the strips in partly, stand the strip up lining the inside of the cup.
Break an egg into respectively cup and bake until they are set. Usually take around 20 minutes or so depending if you want the yolk set or completely cooked.

If you are into corned beef hash, put a dab on the bottom next add the egg and overheat, then you will own Gas House eggs.

If you use a muffin pan and you hold empty cups, put dampen in those insincere cups; one should not use that pan surrounded by an oven with free cups, the heat will warp those cups.

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