Can you freeze egg salad?

If you can, how long can it be frozen for? Also, how long would it keep fresh within the fridge before have to be thrown out?

No i dont think so i tried it once and it turned into mush after thaw out . and in the fridge it final 3-5 days if covered
no because of the mayo i would not do it
no its not water
egg salad? Is it that serious heck throw it out boil some eggs and make some more.
NO IT WON'T WORK! sorry eat in 3 day
my mother said yes she is a chief and has be on the food net work
You can put it in the freezer but when you thaw out it it'll taste like mad less flaverful.
In the fridge you can hold on to it there for.....8 days max up to that time it starts to "rot".
no, becaus ewhen it un frezzone it will not partiality good.
im sure you can but don't recommend it... the taste might vary after its been thaw
no i dont suppose you can. probably a few days
No! You cannot freeze egg salad. Eggs don't freeze okay. It will last within the fridge for a week at most.

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