What exactly is Hookah?

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I've never tried Hookah but almost everyone I know does it and goes to Hookah bar in NYC and stuff. SO....does it approaching...get u elevated or something? if not...whats the point of doing it? If it doesnt bestow you some sort of...any sort of feeling at adjectives...why do it other then blacken your lungs for no function? My friends and I are going to a hookah bar/lounge/club (whatever) and I'll try it but I just wanna know WHAT it is and if its anything really special?
Also, how aged do you have to be to smoke it? Cause we're adjectives 16 and 17 and they've all done it past.

well, a hookah is a smokin device. it's a wet pipe and it doesn't get you elevated. some people influence that it gets them lightheaded, but that have never happened to me past. it chills you out, cuz when you see the smoke come outta your mouth, it's pretty cool..and that's mostly why people do it. and because of the different flavors of tobacco are usually appealing to most. you don't draw from as much nicotine as ciggs, and you don't inhale it either. within california you have to be 18 to find into hookah bars, but most places don't card..i dunno in the region of new york...i usually smoke at home. you will NOT die if you try it. i've be doin it for a long time, and i'm healthy and play sports and everything.
hope this help!
i bookish about it when i be nine. its like smoking except the smoke go thru water. citizens believe its healthier but its still REALLY REALLY precarious
A bong which have multiple ports so numerous people can smoke matching pack at the same time.

"also call shisha i think, or that might be the flavored tobacco, but doesn`t matter what its called its fun as hell and you can draw from a nice buzz from the hookas at a hooka bar if you hit it concrete hard and its lega"
i tried it once. it's like smoking a flavored cigarette but not on a stick, approaching in this grotesque bong-like thing near a tube-like thing attached that you inhale the smoke beside. it's completely pointless, doesn't give you any kinda big or anything. i don't know how old you hold to be, but i ASSUMED 18 since it's technically a cigarette. it's not fun or anything and just similar to smoking, people devise it makes them look cool. purely try it so you can say you enjoy but don't do it forever, you're too young to own a bad craving like that! hope you enjoy fun and be safe doesn`t matter what you end up doing! ;-)
It's the hubbly-Bubbly that most Arabs smoke of
It's also known as Shisha surrounded by arabic....
Thats actullly very injurious as its very stong....
There r frequent flavours.....like apple.mango...strawberry...etc
Advice>>Dnt ever try it!!u will die!
Its just flavored tobacco that is to say considered a desert in lots cultures. Its has no short permanent status side effects but like smoking it will enjoy an affect on you after years of smoking it..... I say be in motion ahead and try it, it is a interesting experience and it will give you a buzz approaching smoking a cigarette but stronger.
The hookah is a traditional smoking pipe, contained by the form of a glass base water pipe. A combination of molasses/honey and cool mint or fruit flavored tobacco is usually afterwards smoked through a hose connected to the hookah.

A major member of the appeal in smoking hookah is that it is a relatively inexpensive and agreeable social activity. $10-15 can usually buy you a bowl of tobacco, which last about 30-45 minutes between two folks. Furthermore, some hookah locations offer tobacco-free and nicotine-free herbal alternatives
A hookah is a middle eastern water pipe for smoking flavored tobacco call shisha. The only lofty it will give you is a slight skipper buzz if you take a massive hit. I do it because it tastes really accurate. The shisha is made with molasses and flavoring and can be purchased within many different flavors. I'd recommend trying it. However tons people are underneath the impression that it is improved than cigarettes, I'm no expert but before doing it regularly I would suggest doing some research on the strength issues.

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