What does "moonshine" (the alcohol drink) morsel approaching?

It seems approaching a lot of ppl gag and take action with digust when they try it for the first time. I'm not even sure if it allowed to make.

To me it taste like rubbing alcohol.

Other Answers:

no it is not permissible to make, and yes associates have strong recoil because it is very strong.

It taste very similar to rubbing alcohol.

It depends on your state regulation if its legal to net, but several state permit the distilling of alcohol for personal use.

And moonshine taste like rubbing alcohol or turpentine - its unsophisticatedly a high proof pellet alcohol, kinda like EverClear.

It's not court. Try Ron Rico 151 rum and try and imagine double the swallow. It kind of taste like rubbing alcohol smells.

Have you ever taste rubbing alcohol?

Historically it meant home made beer or wine.

It taste like juice fire. The gag reaction is your body's passageway of protecting you, so it takes conscious control to overcome the reflex.

Taste? It a short time ago burns. It just get illegal if you put together alot of it and try to get a business bad the ground selling it.

The idea when drinking moonshine is NOT to tang it, just sorta throw it bygone your tonsils and gulp air hasty!
Reliable sources who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty

It is not legally recognized to make distilled spirits in need a license in most states.
Now on to the bite:
It really depends:
A really bad moonshine can be compare to penchant of REALLY cheap vodka mixed with some pure alcohol to increase proof.

However moonshine can be better dramatically by distilling it more then once, and filtering(try Brita hose filter for instance). If done properly it is possible to achieve almost flavorless smooth experience contained by drinking moonshine.

taste similar to s*ht

It's an acquired morsel.

tastes close to pure rubbing alcohol, and no its not legal to cause!


Moonshine is the colloquial name for criminally distilled spirits. Its story is tied up in the birth of the U.S. Federal parliament. As part of the compromise needed to procure all the states to agree to the different constitution, the New Federal government assume adjectives of the old revolutionary time of war debts. In order to pay packet off these debts, the New Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, asked Congress to ratify a liquor and distillery tax within 1791. (remember at this time there be no income tax, fundamentally little duty tax - export/import,) This be a tax on the distilling and mart of liquor (whiskey, brandy, etc.) this may seem small, but in 1791, most society were farmers near no way to ship crops over long distances (no canal, no railroads, few physical roads at all.) The most adjectives thing to do near extra grain be to distill it into alcohol and sell it to traders and inn keeper. In the western U.S. barrels of whiskey acted like money. In reality people get so angry there be an armed rebellion within the west:
Afterwords, some farmers would still try to make their own whiskey by using covered stills in the woods at hours of darkness - thus the product of these illegal stills be called - moonshine. American folk songs are chock-full with lyrics in the region of the "revenue men" (federal officers) chasing the moonshiners (illegal whiskey producers.)
"Moonshine" is made from "mash" ( a mixture of grain - corn, malt, barley - doesn`t matter what is available to the "moonshiner." ) which is left to ferment, and later distilled (at night when the smoke from the still fire would not be perceptible,) into moonshine. Since there is no control on the blend (of grain - true Bourbon, for example, if all paddock corn - hence its "sweetness,") or the number of "runs" (distillations - most commercial whiskeys are distilled twice - as an another answerer above pointed out - moonshine is distilled once,) and there is no aging (again to be "bonded" - toll paid - bourbon, it must be aged a minimum of 3 years,) moonshines taste very grating. There is an
actual brand called "Georgia Moon" corn whiskey, that plays past its sell-by date the "moonshine" legend. it is sold surrounded by a mason jar (like moonshine) and is a clear "corn liquor" (rather than the dark brown of a barrel-aged whiskey.)
And FYI - it is still immoral to run an unregistered (non-taxed) still, but if you want a license here is the site: http://www.ttb.gov/

I come from a long line of moonshiners and runners. I have my first tast of 'shine when I was four (accident) and to this afternoon I still have no antenna hair! When I get older, I be only allowed to drink the "right stuff", triple filtered. I own no taste for alcohol (I don't even similar to beer) but this stuff was agency better than any vodka or rum I've had since. Most 'shiners aren't after nibble, though, so don't get your hopes up. Most shine does essence like rubbing alcohol.

its repulsive as hell! my grandfather use to drink it. he would get it from my uncle down south. Its illicit to sell it but if you run to any local bar usally an african american dowel and ask for "a breath of fresh air" they will sell it to you. its strong as adjectives hell!! lol

Closest taste can be found by sipping small piece alcohol, available at most liquor stores. (Golden Grain is one brand).

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