What's the difference bewtween seagram's 7 and seagram's vo?

if youre drinking straight (or with water) vo is smoother, but if you are drinking articulate, a 7 and 7 or whiskey sour, go near the cheaper seagrams 7, tough to tell the differnce when mixed

Other Answers:

Go for the VSOP

wait until you are dated enough to purchase alcohol properly

the price

vo is better and more expensive and vo is from Canada, but 7 i believe is made contained by US

seagrams is crappy period... unless your identify is Snoop Dogg

nearly $10.00

Crown royal, VO, and 7 are all made by the Seagrams distilery. Theyre 3 level of quality, and aging. crown human being the best.

Flavor-wise in that isn't much difference, altough the good folks at Seagram's may claim differently.

Seagram's 7 is an American whiskey, while VO is Canadian whiskey. VO is also a few dollars more expensive.

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