Does beer contain wheat?

"Wheat beer" contains wheat, but most regular beer is malt, barley, corn, hops, and water.
i would own to say yes because it have yeast and yeast is what bread is made out of
No not usually

Have a look at this link
nope! Its call "Hops".... And in Northern Germany, hops are grown as vastly as we out here surrounded by the west grow "Wheat"...
Think "Bread" = Wheat
Think "Beer" = Hops
Not normally. Simply put, beer is fermented, hop flavored, malt sugared, gooey. The basic ingredients of beer are hose, malt, hops, and yeast. Barley is a basic cereal small piece not particularly suitable for milling into flour and making bread or bakery goods. But it is great for beer.
NO...most beer containes barley,yeast,malt,dampen and hops.BUT there are beers that do hold wheat..mostly german(Hefeweizen} and belgian(Hoegaarden Wit.}
Some beers contain malted wheat grains.
Generaly no, at hand are a fw wheat beer on the market though that do contain a faultless amount of wheat. Beer by definition is made from barley that has be malted (sprouted) then flavored next to hops, many other adjunct may be added, in american beer these are usually rice and corn, but wheat can also be used.

It depends on the type of beer.
It does merely if the recipe calls for it. If the sign says "weisen" or "witbier" you can largely be sure that they do. For other beers, especially at microbreweries, it's safest to ask first.

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