How much does a bottle of everclear typically cost?

just at a local store, i dont necessitate a real specific answer, but it would be nice.

saw a four ounce bottle yesterday at a liquor store next to 2.29 pricetag. That seemed a bit dignified. I suspect there is like mad of local variation. What do you want it for? Paint thinner? It is close to poison, you know.
about $1.50
like ten bucks a gallon
your life
i believe a pint is about 6 bucks.... specifically some potent stuff ... so becareful with that... i use to drink a pint of that when i be 18 and it would tear me up something awful. hangover city. better bad drinking some cheap vodka
a 5th cost roughly 13$ in st. louis a gallon cost around 18$ and i simply like to read aloud i hold the record of drinking everclear which is 1/2 gallon surrounded by one night and i still made it to white castle
in recent times bought 2 one liter bottles for 18.99 a piece. delicious.

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