Which is more fattening to the waist vein,beer or whiskey?

Beer has more cal, plus you tend to drink closely more beer than whiskey.
I think that beer have more calories and gives you a "beer belly."
Beer - because it is glorious in carbohydrates and made beside malt and hops. Also, the darker the beer, the more yeast is contained by it.

Whiskey provides a slightly less fattening preference, but the pitfalls of drinking whiskey (either straight or mixed) is that it loosens you up so much that you don't give a damn just about your diet.

Whiskey is the lesser of two evils, but not by much.

If you are looking for more of a form benefit, try red wine instead. Limit the whisky to 3 times a week but have at tiniest 4 oz. of red wine a day.

BEER!...you can drink profoundly of it! Ever tried to drink a 12 pack whiskey!
Beer have smaller number acohol contents and much fattening.
bottom line beer...
but it depends on what you mix near the whiskey..
if you need to mix whiskey and soda consequently the beer is actually better

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