Can you smell Vodka on someone's breath?

Can you smell Vodka on someone's breath? I was told that be the only alcohol that you can't smell on one's breath.

Untrue. You can smell the alcohol no concern what beverage it is in.
Yes you can smell vodka on someone's breath. Any alcohol really. Someone is trying to get you surrounded by to trouble...
I can and enjoy many times. Even after the creature drank the night in the's gross.
Yes it smells gross
yes, most people can smell the alcohol- especially if they aren't drinking! By the route, this is a very adjectives misconception- don't believe it!
Any alcohol can be notice on someones breathe. Many people who are alcoholics use alcohol as their drink of choice, as it is colorless. They infer that everyone else will think that they are drinking dampen.
Take it from a recovering alcoholic, darlin, YES YOU CAN! Thats what i drank, trying to put by it, but while it is not as strong as Whiskey or Gin, it DEFINATELY smells like booze!
yes, you can
as a situation of interest, I is not the alcohol that smells, it is the flavourings.

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