Can you freeze Malibu rum?

I need to know if I can freeze this huge *** bottle of rum I enjoy... first of all it's hot and I want to put together drinks soon and I also would like to freeze it to store it... I've frozen vodka back, is rum the same mode or will it get cruel?

Yes you can put in the freezer to store. It won't freeze because it contains alcohhol, but it won't gain nasty.

Other Answers:

Actually I've never really tried it.

how the hell did you freeze vodka. did you freeze the bottle? you can freeze it if it contains juice.. put the Malibu surrounded by the freezer and it will get cold ... hold fun ...Can i have some?


no alcohol will freeze, at least not surrounded by your freezer. Nice one: put tequila in the freezer, drink it next to some cinnamon sprinkled oranges.

you can put it in the freezer to hold on to it colder but it will not "freeze", as in form a solid

rum doesnt really freeze it gets reallly cold

You can freeze anything.
Your household freezer probably isn't cold satisfactory to do it, but technically, you can freeze anything.

My question is this...Why on Earth would you want to?

You don't involve to keep spirits surrounded by the freezer to store them. They aren't going to go fruitless. Lots of spirits develop a chill haze that alters the look and drink. I don't know if Malibu is one of them, but why risk it?
my malibu froze but the bottle was partially tasted commonplace when it went hindmost to normal...

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