Anyone know how to sweeten up a not-so-sweet- watermelon...after it's already be cut up?

I just can't give the impression of being to pick a sweet I had the produce girl pick one for me. She tap and squeezed about 5 of them and hand me one with her stamp of approval.
Guess what...sweet? not so much.!!'s a whole one and I don't want to throw the in one piece thing away.

Hi Drissy29. I'm thinking that sprinkling some sugar on it would work. I know this wasn't a part of a set of your question but this is how to choose a watermelon:

1. Look the watermelon over, choose a firm, symmetrical watermelon i.e. free of bruises, cuts and dents.
2. Lift it up - the watermelon should be heavy for its size. Watermelon is 92% marine, that accounts for most of its weight.
3. Turn it over - on the underside of the watermelon nearby should be a creamy yellow spot from where on earth it sat on the ground and ripened within the sun.
Try sprinkling a little powdered sugar over the bowl and toss a bit. However, do not add sugar into adjectives the cut parts at once as sugar causes fermentation and it will walk bad.
Hope this help.
Throw some powdered sugar over melon
hmmm... try it with some honey...nvm thats gross. i'd say aloud go to the store and catch a refund
Nah, not really. Maybe brand a fruit salad w/ other sweeter fruits...

In the future, a ripe, sweet watermelon have a nice yellow underbelly. Turn one over and look. Tapping and hitting them give no insight on sweetness.
I might be wrong but I heard somewhere that sprinkling a bit of saline on top of the fruit would craft the juices of the watermelon hence making it a bit sweeter.
Make sure you are looking at the spot where on earth the melon sits on the ground. It should be a dark pale rather than a wishy-washy green or white, that should guarantee a ripe melon. It should also feel immense for it's size. I've never tapped, smelled or squeezed a watermelon to decide ripeness. For the melon you have in a minute I would recommend a simple syrup, in this baggage lighter on the sugar. Try 1/2 cup sugar to 1 cup water and drizzle over the watermelon cubes, adding together some mint would make it even better. My mom surrounded by law uses confectioners sugar when doing fruit salads when the fruit isn't as sweet as she would close to it.
Make a simple syrup...and dip the slices in it for a few minutes and permit it soak up some of the sweetness.
2 1/2 cups sugar
Full 1 cup water
1/2 lemon, juiced

Combine adjectives 3 ingredients in a 2-quart heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium-high grill and bring to a boil. All the sugar crystals should completely dissolve. Remove from the heat and pour into a verbs medium-size bowl. Let cool completely before using.

Simple syrup can be stored contained by the refrigerator, indefinitely, if kept in an airtight container.
procure a tin of pineapple juice (sweet one) and a a tin of Mandarin oranges. chop up the dampen melon and blend the whole lot together put in some crushed ice and you own a lovely refreshing summer drink. If you are over 21 then you own the option of accumulation something with a silent!
If the salt doesn't work budge for the simple syrup in the previous post. You can donate some mint leaves & let it steep. It'll assist 'brighten' the flavor.
Add some sugar/sweet 'n low. Or some kind of flavored vodka!
My grandfather used to sprinkle a short time bit of salt on the watermelon. It seem to make it fancy a little bit sweeter, but not a adjectives bunch.

Just drop it in some vodka, tolerate it soak it up and get worthless on watermelon!
Fruit salad with whip cream... its all you call for
Just sprinle some sugar or rose syrup and put in hindmost in the refrigerator to chill. It make a difference. I do it!
You will probably not believe me, but sprinkling a little saline on it does the trick.
In South-East Asia people commonly put brackish (and sometimes pepper - Vietnam) on fruit.
Black Pepper....sounds crazy, but it works.I couldn't believe it myself til I tried it...salt will be paid it salty not sweet and sugar will fancy like sugar, but the pepper will somehow heighten the sweetness surrounded by anything.especially fruits.

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