What's the difference between individual "Buzzed" & "Being Drunk?"?

buzzed is feeling flawless but aware of everything your doing. drunk is doing things you wouldn't normally do and regretting it within the morning lol.

Other Answers:

when you start feeling uninhibitated or you produce bad choices-such as driving

Buzzed is when you regard as you are not yet drunk but you already are.

you can draw from buzzed when chatting while you get drunk too contained by take of alcohol

the Woodstock era would be pot give a BUZZ alcohol makes you puke..other reference would be you have tinnitus :-)

in the order of $5000

being hungover the subsequent day, or man in court the subsequent day for a DUI.

none rightfully, even if you have not consumed ample to be legally drunk contained by you state you can still be arrested and charged with "smaller number safe" if you are driving ang get pulled over. Lesson of this story is, if you be aware of any thing at adjectives call a hackney cab, it's a hella lot cheaper than court and all the fun stuff that go with it!

Buzzed = weakly drunk (like start smileing, or being more uninhibited, similar to after 2,3 large beers), drunk= you can't control yourself anymore, you can't read small print, waddle straight, etc.

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