Does beer expire?

I have have some bottles in my fridge not here over from a party a year ago. It looks alright...

With a polite seal, your beer will not be in motion flat. At all. In writ for CO2 to escape a sealed container, the trademark has to be broken. Theoretically, if the stamp remains intact, the carbonation will last forever, a moment ago like champagne.

Taste then again is a different story. Grains taste better fresh, whether it's within bread, pasta or beer. The exception is when grains are distilled. Beer is not distilled, and as a non-distilled pellet based product, within will be a noticeable difference contained by the freshness of the beer. The difference in freshness between a beer you simply bought, and the beer in your fridge will be comparable to tea explicitly a day or two older.

Many people, even those that drink profusely of beer, will hardly know how to tell the difference between a fresh beer, and a year weak beer that has be refrigerated the together time. Refrigeration greatly slows down the aging of the beer. A beer that has be stored warm, consequently refrigerated will enjoy a much more distinguishable lack of freshness, but should still be fine to consume, and will even hold the carbonation as long as the stamp has not broken. Enough warmth on any sealed bottle will break the trademark by itself.

Brandon O'Dell
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Other Answers:

It's probably expired!

no however it go flat after a while

Good question! I'm not sure, but they DO put date on the beer, don't they? Either way, I doubt it would slaughter you or anything. After all, don't they resembling to age good wine? lol

not a beer drinker

Yes, beer does expire. When you open it, it might not foam...a sure sign...

See if there is an experation date?


yes .. don't nibble nice after best before date ..i've tried it ..YUK!


Yes it does. Don't try it it's really bad...I know!

There flat but you can still acquire drunk off of them!!

Yes, but it has a long energy span. That is why Budweiser has a born on date.

Beer expires. It taste like crap once it pass the expiry date. Totally flat.

yes beer expires after sitting surrounded by the frig for 6 months. but why would you want to do that? read it outa a FHM magazine.

it does but later than the date on the bottle. I not long found a six pack which had expired almost a year ago. We chilled it for a light of day, then tried it. Nothing wrong beside it, foam, taste, colour: adjectives there. That be a lager, might be different next to wheat beer. Anyway, better drink it fresh.

Get it Drank...
Beer doesn't move about off if it's flat so what still get you drunk.

A year is a long time for beer.You could drink it but it's not fresh.It will probably be skunky.

Beer not here in a can, lower than good ol American Canning regulations certainly doesn't expire. But, the real foundation for choosing if you want to drink it or not, is the "freshness" of the beer. Beers have started to print a "Born on" date or a "Guaranteed fresh" date on the can.

The beer isn't fruitless, like an harmful bad.
The beer probably taste worse than a fresh beer of the same brand.

Keep the beer for those extra society who show up just to drink your beer-- or keep hold of it for people who can't narrate the difference. People always appriciate free beer-- even it its discouraging.

Labatts Blue will find skunky on you after a few months, but then again they post "No Preservatives" right on their cases, and if she get skunky put em on chill for a day and afterwards funnel them.

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