does smoking cigarettes during/after drinking beer really relieve "keep" your buzz?

for me it seems approaching after a couple a cigarette keeps my buzz goin a lil longer. is it simply me or do other people discern this way?

Your buzz can play tricks on you. Ever receive really drunk, lay down, and look at the ceiling fan? You acquire dizzy. Even after you stop looking at it, your brain will talk your body into throwing up, because it's convinced (finally) that you drank too much. But you be fine before you looked at it. And you stopped looking at it when you started getting dizzy... so, how come you spent ten minutes trying not to puke, and the intuition never got better? Because your brain be convinced you were sick.

Once you've have enough beer, you lately kind of gravitate toward any addictive substance you've ever done. If you own smokes in your pocket, adjectives of a sudden you're out of them, with no belief how you smoked so many surrounded by such a small time. People who smoke marijuana (a non-addictive substance) crave it when they're drunk. People who quit smoking will crave smokes when they're drinking, some start smoking again, some only smoke when they drink.

Your brain plays tricks on you when you're buzzed. Last darkness, I saw a heavy smoker jump three hours without a smoke, Drunk stale his ***. He just... forgot to own one. But, once I mentioned it, he NEEDED one. You have a one track mind when you get hold of more than-a-little drunk, and he was focused on playing pool at the time.

Well, in a minute that you've brought it up, it's midnight here, and I haven't gotten any bartime yet. Time to shift.


Other Answers:

No. Nicotine helps to kill in cold blood your 'buzz'.

Not sure never did it.

But you can mess yourself up with adjectives those chemicals!

So I think it might.

Be Safe!

Well i'm not sure if it keep my buzz going but i know that if i am drinking a really want to smoke!! The only time i smoke presently is if im drinking. so maybe it does hold the buzz going and thats why i want it...?!?!?!

gives you a worse hangover that's adjectives.
and being drunk make you insensitive and you tend to smoke way too much
don't do any

Well i know for me when i smoke and drink together i feel more drunk later when i just drink. That might only be all surrounded by my head but it sure make for a fun night :).

Yes it does. I know seriously of people that singular smoke when they drink. It does something b/c when you smoke it makes your buzz ultimate long. I feel that path!

It keeps your buzz going. At least possible for me...

No , smoke some joints and snort some coke instead.

I smoke a cigar, and it help me not get drunk


I don't estimate so

The only entry that will help you preserve your buzz is more of what you have be drinking

My God.yes. Alcohol and nicotene in alike sentence just spells out the word "BUZZ".

dont know i dont smoke

you are any really dumb or a really cheap date

Yes alcohol enhances cigarettes, and cigarettes enhance the alcohol. I'm not going to type a book report on it, but check out this site. It tell you what they do to each other and why, even statistics going on for alcohol and nicotine.

eating and nicotine kill off your buzz, for me at smallest

Nicotine will not only decimate your buzz, but it will eventually kill you. Picture dragging around an oxygen container with you till the back of your days. I don't think they allow the tank in most handrail rooms because they will explode when they get around lighters and match. Think about it Nimrod.

Cigarettes do not do much next to anything while drinking. They just seem to be to me to keep the alcohol down better.

no, it doesn't give a hand keep your buzz. smoking only goes foot in mitt with drinking. i one-sidedly think they compliment respectively other. both are very flavourful!

No....but it'll kill you quicker!!!

smoking and drinking are discouraging. lol

No but will give you cough and perchance CANCER

since ive given up smoking i seem to go down over better. I do think the carbon monoxide soaks up the alcohol And besides you know you cant trip up asleep whist smoking as you may burn down the place. But thats why smokers use matches!

i lone smoke when i drink and my theory is since cigarettes deprive you of nouns they make you grain more tipsy.

I think it is the nicotene buzzing you.

ok,so you are 1 of those who smoke with the sole purpose with drink....yes,that is to say a buzz like no other for you,however smoking is a dreadful habit...pls. stop presently,I never listend to mom&Dad whi\en they told me to never start smoking,stopped for 5 years,now I may never stop,til it consultation my life....explicitly how strong the addiction is....Good Luck with other..Sweetie

I'm pretty sure it kills your buzz and not permit you keep it.


i seize more intoxicated while drinking and smoking.

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